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To empower and skill through technical and vocational education and training that is inclusive and relevant to the economic and social goals of South Africa.


We commit to provide quality, inclusive technical and vocational education and training that equips our students to actively contribute to the economic growth and social development of South Africa.

Commitment The feeling of responsibility that our employees have towards the goals, mission, and vision of our College and the enthusiasm they display towards teaching and learning.
Responsiveness The degree to which our employees respond clearly and directly to their core function and the needs of our stakeholders.
Effective communication Maintaining an open channel of communication upwards and downwards so that our employees experience an increase in morale, productivity and commitment.
Accountability Our employees are aware that they are answerable for actions or decisions taken by them.
Teamwork Our employees, as human capital are expected to work as a team and value, accept and respect the contributions of each individual.
Ethics Workplace ethics are instilled in our employees as honesty and integrity must guide their actions in the execution of their duties.
Professionalism Our employees are expected to dress appropriately, to speak politely and respectfully to all College stakeholders.
Respect Our employees are expected to display courtesy, thoughtfulness for people’s privacy, physical space and belongings; and respect for different vieszpoints, philosophies, physical ability, beliefs, personality and culture.